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Welcome to the Seigi no Senshi Captain-Japan WikiEdit

Seigi no Senshi Captain Japan (法務戦士キャプテンジャパン) is a fan-story I've been working on for years.


Set in an alternative timeline in the year 2019 and in the city of Neo-Tokyo in which humans, magical creatures and aliens have learned to live in peace. It is the adventures of Jamiko Miyamoto, a 10 year-old Japanese schoolboy. But when evil villains and monsters attack the city of Neo-Tokyo, he transforms into the high-tech samurai-superhero, Captain-Japan to save the world.

The story is a mixture of cute cartoons (like The Amazing World of Gumball, Hero: 108 and Yin Yang Yo to name a few) and Japanese Tokusatsu (like Super Sentai and Kamen-Rider).