These are the other supervillains & kaijin monsters that Jamiko confronts on his adventures besides the SHADOW organization.

Captain-Japan Organic:Edit

This is a Jamiko Miyamoto from a parallel-universe, who is also happens to be a villain. He is normally calm & collected and rarely loses his cool. He's just as powerful as our universe's Jamiko, but he has a few tricks of his own, like the ability to use shadow-based powers. His armor is more organic & twisted then Jamiko's with powerful weapons like the Shokimaru & Tokaimaru swords and the Buster-Pistol.


these are the Kaijin that Captain-Japan Organic has brought with him from his universe. Since the Miyamoto clan in his universe are a family of villains, they can create mutant monsters that sometimes come in teams of clones (hence the name Miyamoto-Clones).

  • Miyamoto-Clone TechBorg: These are 3 humanoid cyborg kaijin armed with twin short-swords and can turn their hands into cannons. They are also fast and agile in battle. 
  • Miyamoto-Clone AntRat: These are 5 ant/rat/cat hybrid mutant-kaijin that hunt in packs, have venomous spit and razor-sharp claws.
  • Miyamoto-Clone Fox-Joker: This is a rare solo Miyamoto-Clone that is a hybrid of fox and owl that can use mind-controlling powers on his victims, he can also fly and can toss his wing feathers like darts.

The Dragon-Clan:Edit

The Dragon-Clan is a group of bizarre, dragon-headed robots from another universe where reptiles still rule the Earth and want to take over our universe.

  • Computer-Brain Dairyukai: This is the leader of the Dragon-Clan. He may look like a giant, three-headed dragon-like entity, but he is really an advanced computer A.I program and the three heads are just a hologram and has total control over his henchmen and the kaijin of the Dragon-Clan, called DragoBorgs.


The Dragoborgs are the kaijin of the Dragon-Clan. They are powerful dragon-heads robots with different functions to their programming.

  • DragoBorg-Fin: A snake-headed DragoBorg with drills for hands & a tail and able to spit venom. He is also able to use mind-control on his opponents.


These are recurring villains that Jamiko confronts along with SHADOW.

  • Taigasho-Engine: He is a massive cat-headed, car-based cyborg with superhuman strength, tough-armor and can eat metal to refuel himself. He was part of a top-secret project that combines animal-matter with advanced cybernetic machinery, but it drove him nuts and he wait on a rampage through the lab. And now he often causes chaos through Neo-Tokyo, but he is often defeated by Captain-Japan along with other heroes.
  • Zect-Double: A powerful villain with two minds in his two halves, a cunning & rational robotic half (who uses a pistol and uses a scanner in his arm) and a more psychotic & animistic insectoid-side (that can retract blades from his arm & leg). The too side argue sometimes but once they agree on something, they are a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Jack the Ripper: The infamous British serial-killer was a boy when his mother was killed by the Devil-Clan in 1870 England. But then Tenchi Miyamoto (Jamiko's great great grand father) found him and trained him to fight, however Jack wanted revenge on the Devil-Clan, so he took one of the Miyamoto's suits of high-tech alien battle-armor, but it drove him insane and became the infamous killer, Jack the Ripper. He's still alive today because of the suit's systems keeping alive (he's basically a living combat zombie with his mind in tact). Jack has the same powers as Jamiko (super-strength, speed, super-hard armor etc.) and wields two swords as his main weapons. Jack is a personal foe to Jamiko because the clan's armors are meant to protect the innocent, and Jack (who is not a member of the Miyamoto family) is using it to kill innocent people, so hie took it personal.  
  • Captain-Japan Cyber: This is an evil robot version of Captain-Japan from another universe. He was created by Ryu Miyamoto (who is a scientist in his universe), but his programming went nuts and killed Ryu and became a supervillain. He can change his arm into any weapon he wants in combat.
  • Mantipede: Mantipede is a massive centipede-like being with a human-like face and mantis-claws. He is very powerful, fast and is very smart for something like him. He either works alone or with other villains and is one of Jamiko's most powerful enemies.
  • Nayomi Shigasha: Nayomi Shigasha is a Japanese schoolgirl, who is also a vampire. She's a playful but psychotic girl who loves a good fight. She has superhuman strength, speed and a healing-factor. Her main weapon is a modified chainsaw called the Crimson-Fang. She has a massive crush on Jamiko.