SHADOW is an inter-demensional organization that is out to take over every world in the Multiverse and are the main villains of Seigi no Senshi Captain Japan. 

Main-Members: Edit

  • Lord-Destruction: The series' main antagonist and the leader of SHADOW, an evil alien entity that plans to take over the Multiverse. He looks-like a living spider-like shadow with a flower-like collar around his neck. Despite him being cunning & ruthless, he also has a twisted sense of humor.
  • Lady-Widow: A young pony-like SHADOW member, an expert in Shadow-Magic who can summon demons & spirits and always wants to please Lord-Destruction. She has two Ladies-in-Waiting named Yokoro & Mikishi.
    • Yokoro: Yokoro is the oldest of the sisters and is very flirty sometimes. She uses love-based mind-controlling Shadow-Magic and can morph her tail into a scorpion-stinger in battle.
    • Mikishi: Mikishi is the youngest of the sisters and is refined and classy unlike her flirty older sister Yokoro. She uses telepathic & telekinetic Shadow-Magic and can morph her mane into a pair of stinger-tipped tentacles.
  • Dr. Probe: Dr. Probe is SHADOW's chief scientist that creates the robots for the organization. He appears as a robot with TV monitor-like body with a cartoonish face on it.
  • Zaigain: The main field-commander of the Shadow-Kaijin, and a rival to Captain-Japan. He's a insectoid/cyborg that has both a long-sword and a short-sword to fight with and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Raptors: The main foot soldiers of SHADOW. Raptors are half spider & half lizard and come in two types, Raptors with sickles and Raptors with fur-covered claws.

Recurring Members: Edit

These are recurring members of SHADOW that battle Captain-Japan on multiple occasions. They either help the main members on their jobs, or are on missions of their own with the SHADOW-Kaijin.

  • Kaizu: Kaizu is a recurring SHADOW member who was once a Raptor that was chosen to undergo an experiment to create a warrior that can match Jamiko's armor. He gained a twisted personality but also gain the same amount of speed and strength as our hero and fights with a sword called the Kagekama. He either works on his own plans, or helps out the monster-of-the-week then Destruction sends to attack the city.
  • Genetic Tarashi: This is a recurring SHADOW member who serves like a vice-captain to the organization. He is smart, cunning and quite good at hand-to-hand combat. However he is special because he is one of the very few members to use their own henshin-device, the DNA-Driver along with bio-chips that have the DNA of the many SHADOW-Kaijin that Jamiko defeated before to transform into battle-modes based on them and can use their powers during battle.


These are the monsters of the week of SHADOW. They were created by Destruction and his minons for the invasion of the Mutliverse. They come in many shapes & sizes from giant robots, mass-produced units and mutant-enforcers.


These are the more organic SHADOW-Kaijin that serve General Zaigan. They are based on anything that is organic, such as plants and animals

  • Drill-Shadow:  An insectoid-looking SHADOW-Kaijin with razor-sharp drills over his body.
  • Ribs-Shadow: This human rib-based SHADOW-Kaijin that absorbs the bio energy from his victims by touch and fires black-lightning bolts from his eyes.
  • Maggot-Shadows: These are twin maggot-based SHADOW-Kaijin that can spray webbing with their mandibles and have thick, rubbery hides. 
  • FangGorilla-Shadows: These 5 snake/gorilla-based SHADOW-Kaijin are sent to capture the infamous Necronomicon along with The Princess (A Danger-Mouse villain) & Lord-Destruction himself in his plan to create an army of monsters, however, the book soon mutated 3 of FangGorilla-Shadows into Deadites and destroyed the other two before being defeated themselves by CJ, Lincoln, Penny & Danger-Moth.
  • Sting-Shadow:  A wasp-based SHADOW-Kaijin that causes his victims to fight each-other with his special-venom from his hand-sting.
  • Silk-Shadow:  A rabbit/silkworm/praying-mantis based SHADOW-Kaijin that uses super-strong silk that he can spray from his jaws to ensnare his opponents.
  • Umbrella-Shadow:  A bat-like SHADOW-Kaijin based on an umbrella that can fly with his massive wings and spin in mid-air to attack with a rainstorm of razor-sharp needles.
  • Sparrow-Shadow:  A bizarre SHADOW-Kaijin that looks like a cross between a sparrow and a spider. He has venomous tentacle-like spines that swarm fro his beak and he can also fly.
  • Chemeleon-Shadow:  A chameleon-based SHADOW-Kaijin that the blend into his surroundings, has many venomous-spines and a long-tongue to grab his opponents with.
  • Cloth-Shadow:  A cloth/poison-ivy based SHADOW-Kaijin who uses venomous, barbed leaf-like clothes to poison his opponents.
  • 'Crustcean-Shadow': This SHADOW-Kaijin is a hybrid of a spider-crab, a lobster and a bird. He has a hard shell, venomous-foam that he can fire from his mouth and powerful pincers (that look like the beaks of birds) to battle against his opponents.
  • Ant-Shadow: An ant-based SHADOW-Kaijin that can dig underground and can spray acid from his jaws.
  • Albatross-Shadow: A albatross/moth based mutant can use feather-like darts, use strong silk and can fly.
  • Swarm-Shadows: This is a swarm of man-eating, fly-based mutants that can hunt in packs and have jaws that can bite through anything in their path.
  • Cell-Shadow: A mosquito/amoeba-based mutant that uses his lower body to absorb anything that comes into contact with, he also has a sharp-spine that can drink his victim's blood to make himself stronger.
  • Police-Shadows: These 5 policeman-based SHADOW-Kaijin are special mutants created by Lord-Destruction himself to protect 5 billboards that are enchanted by Lady-Widow's dark-magic that where placed in 5-target areas in Neo Tokyo that are full of people and place them under a form of mind-control. The Police-Shadows can morph their hands into pistols and handcuff-like pincers in battle.
  • Cutlass-Shadow: An insect/lizard based SHADOW-Kaijin whos main weapon is a razor-sharp sword on his tail. He is also an expert in hand to hand combat.
  • Beetle-Shadow: A ladybug-based SHADOW-Kaijin who can fly and fight with two short-swords as his main weapons.
  • Pheromone-Shadow: This special female SHADOW-Kaijin was created by Dr. Kamikazi using Destruction's technology and can use the form of a human women named Miya Heart. She uses her pheromones to make males fall for her, but in her real kaijin form, she shoots needles from her hands and has long insect-like claws that sprout from her back. She is based on pheromones and insects like queen-bees & wasps.


These are the robotic SHADOW-Kaijin that were created by Dr. Probe. They are based on machines.

  • TrafficAmp-Shadow: This robot SHADOW-Kaijin is a mix of an amp-system and a traffic-light. He can use sonic-waves to attack his opponents and can use control people's minds with his traffic-lights.
  • Strider-Shadow: A massive Daddy-long-legs spider-based robot SHADOW-Kaijin that has plasma-beam eyes and large blades for feet.
  • Wheel-Shadow: A cybernetic spider/car-based SHADOW-Kaijin with slashing spider-claws and wheels that can roll over his opponents, he also has plasma-beam cannons in his body.
  • Boiler-Shadow: A giant boiler/kettle-based SHADOW-Kaijin that can use massive amounts of steam to either hide from his opponents with a smoke-screen and fire it like a cannon.
  • Doubledutch-Shadow: A bizarre SHADOW-Kaijin robot based on doubledutch, made up of two robotic-units connected by special cables to capture it's opponents. If the cables are destroyed in battle, they can attack on their own with retractable swords in their arms.
  • Wall-Shadow: A robotic SHADOW-Kaijin based on a metal-wall, armed with missile-pods and sickle-bladed tentacles.
  • Bulldozer-Shadow: This robot SHADOW-Kaijin is powerful to bust through a solid wall and has a razor-sharp scoop-blade.
  • Candlestick-Shadow: This candlestick/flamethrower-based SHADOW-Kaijin robot uses it's fiery-head to do fire-based attacks such as a stream of flame and fireballs as projectiles.

Summoned: Edit

These are the demonic/mythical monsters that were summoned by Lady-Widow.

  • Virus of the Elder-Gods: The first of Lady-Widow's personally summoned creatures, this being comes in the form of a bizarre virus that can transmute it's victims into mind-controlled zombies.
  • Dream-Eating 10-Faced Hag: This female multi-faced creature is one of Lady-Widow's summoned demons. She feeds on the dreams of her victims in order to become stronger with vine-like tentacles and can make her fingers into blades in battle. She is based on a combination of a witch, a mandragora-plant and a dreamcatcher.
  • Spinneret-Cockatrace: One of Lady-Widow's summoned SHADOW-Kaijin, this monster has a poisonous bite that can turn his victims to stone and uses silk to wrap them up to eat later. He is based on a combination of a cockatrice, a silkworm-moth and a spindle.
  • Golem Thunderbird: Another of Lady-Widow's summoned SHADOW-kaijin, this monstrous clay-monster can fly and able to use blasts of lightning. Golem-Thunderbird is based on a totem-pole and the thunderbird.

Other monsters: Edit

These are SHADOW-Kaijin that are different then normal kaijin because they don't fit in as mutants or robots.

  • SHADOW-Japan: This creature was created from Jamiko's own nightmares by Lady-Widow with her dark-magic. It is very similar to our hero, except that is creature is Jamiko's own inner-demon and not a mutant-type SHADOW-Kaijin like normal. It fights with two wrist-mounted blades
  • Raptor-Virus: This was just a normal Raptor grunt that was infected with a bio-engineered virus with venomous retractable talons.
  • Raptor-Grappler: A normal-Raptor that was fitted with a cybernetic-arm as part of one of Dr. Probe's cyborg experiments.
  • Anomalocaris-Dopant Dangerous-Zombie Mode: An undead monster that was created by Lord-Destruction when he insert both the Anomalocaris Gaia-Memory and the Dangerous-Zombie Gashat into Dr. Blight (from Captain-Planet & the Planeteers) for a failed plan to coat Neo-Tokyo with pollution, plus that he was getting annoyed with her obsession with pollution as he plans to rule an Earth that is not destroyed. So he mutated her into a mindless monster that both Captain-Japan & Captain-Planet had to team up to defeat in battle.
  • SHADOW Machine-Beast Terrorsaurus: A massive SHADOW-monster created by Dr. Probe when he built a robotic body, but then Lady Widow uses her dark-magic to fuse it with the soul of a pteranodon from the depths of hell to create this monster.

Mass-Produced Units:Edit

These are multiple, mass-produced SHADOW-Kaijin that are created to be in swarms of 5 or more. They are mostly meant to help either the robots or the mutants in attacks. These mass-produced SHADOW-kaijin are also meant to be recurring foes for Captain-Japan to fight.

  • Cyber-Giants: These are giant mass-produced humanoid monsters with massive strength. These were created to cause massive chaos to cities.
  • Spider-Bats: These spider/bat hybrid SHADOW-Kaijin as more stronger then the Raptors and are basically the leaders of the Raptor-packs.
  • Centipoids: These are mass-produced giant centipede-like battle-robots with powerful-jaws and can split into 8 humanoid mini-drones if the head is destroyed in battle.